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University of Warsaw, Faculty of Polish Studies &
Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń, Faculty of Languages
would like to invite you to

The 1st International Conference

The woman through women’s eyes

Gender – Literature – Language

5-6 December, 2016


Our main goal is to make our symposia truly interdisciplinary meetings of literary scholars, historians and cultural experts, representing research centers from Poland and other countries interested in the topic of gender. Our conference is the part of gender discourse widely represented in Western academic reflection. We would also like to present the Middle-Eastern and Far Eastern perspectives of issues of the relations between gender/sex, the language and literature to create the unique opportunity of discussions and sharing the results of research by the academics from many disciplines. The combination of female and male perspective will help us to show the most complete picture of comprehensive elaboration of sex/gender issue.

For our first planned conference in December 2016, we would like to invite the researchers to reflect on the woman as the subject and, at the same time, as the object of the literary and cultural text. We are interested in the topic of many forms of feminine self-identification, determined by the social roles, including cultural and religious variety, and the way the self-identification is shaped by changes and the search for the identity.

We would also like to focus on the language strategies and conventions.

The following conferences are planned to widen the problems and topics that will appear at the first meeting:

2017 – The woman through men’s eyes
2018 – The man through women’s eyes
2019 – The man through men’s eyes.

Our main goal is to present the problematic aspects of women studies as completely as possible, also by representing many different languages, cultures and research areas. We strongly believe that the conference „The woman through women’s eyes” will be an excellent occasion to share the results of the research concerning female authors, their self-reflections (also to their sex/gender) and, at the same time, it will be an excellent start of the conference cycle.


The conference fee is 75 EUR.
Deadline of paper submission is 21st of August 2016.
All papers should be sent via conference email: genlitlan@gmail.com
The conference languages are English and Polish.

Publication is planned to be printed in 2017.